Body Fat Meter


Monitor you body fat levels with the I Heart Cooking Body Fat Meter. The Body Fat Meter helps you keep fit, keep in shape, and manage your diet. Simply place you thumbs on the pads and weight a few seconds – the Body Fat Meter will measure what percentage of your body is fat.


We all know that keeping fit and health is important. One way to measure your health and fitness is to weigh yourself. You can use your height and weight to calculate you Body Mass Index (BMI) and get an idea of how near or how far you are from the ideal. However, sometimes the BMI can be misleading. some people are just broader or thinner built than others. Some people are more or less muscular, and muscle weighs much more than fat per volume. So to get a true idea of your health and fitness it is a good idea to measure the amount of body fat in your body using the I Heart Cooking Body Fat Meter.

There are several methods of measuring body fat. Some are complex and tedious, requiring special machines, while others are quick and simple. The I Heart Cooking Body Fat Meter is quick and simple to use. It takes just a few seconds to analyse your body fat levels and get an indication of your body fat heath and fitness.

To use, you set up the Body Fat Meter with your current height, weight, age and sex. Then you simply place your two thumbs on the metal pads and wait a few seconds for the device to make its measurements. The I Heart Cooking Body Fat Meter screen will then display the % of your body that is fat along with a diagram indicating if this is excessively lean, just right, or obese.

The I Heart Cooking Body Fat Meter has a memory allowing you to set it up for the height and weight of eight people. This allows you whole family to use the Body Fat Meter without having to go through the setup procedure each time. The I Heart Cooking Body Fat Meter also contains a clock and alarm feature making it a useful bedside item.


  • Body fat meter and monitor
  • Clock and alarm
  • Your personal body fat control assistant
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Body Fat Measuring Range: 5~50%
  • Display Resolution: 0.1%
  • Personal Date Input Range:
    • Height: 2’0″~9’11” (100 cm~250 cm)
    • Weight: 22 lb~550 lb (10 kg~250 kg)
    • Age: 10 years~90 years
    • Gender: Male/Female
  • Response Time: in just 5 seconds
  • Low Power Consumption: about 0.01W
  • Memory Function: Storage of up to 8 personal data profiles.
  • Operating Environment: 10°C to 40°C with relative humidity up to 95%
  • Battery: 1 x CR2025 3V Battery (include)

I Heart Cooking Body Fat Meter rear pannel

I Heart Cooking Body Fat Meter example of how to use by placing thumbs over the pads on the front of the meter
I Heart Cooking Body Fat Meter front view plus battery

I Heart Cooking Body Fat Meter battery casing opened

I Heart Cooking Body Fat Meter box rear view

I Heart Cooking Body Fat Meter in box


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