What we do

IheartCooking.com is a personal blog site that provides recipes and cooking tips to it’s readers. I try to publish a new recipe every week, though sometimes I fall a bit behind due to work and other websites and blogs that I run needing more urgent attention.

Background and History

I started this site originally as a tool for expats living abroad. I was getting annoyed with other recipe sites that either listed brand name ingredients or lacked information. For example you see things like, “add a can of milk.” Well that’s all an good in the authors home town where everyone buys the same make of canned milk but firstly where I live milk only comes in bags not cans and secondly I don’t know how big a can is. This was my inspiration. I wanted to publish a set of recipes that anyone could easily make no matter what location the live in. I wanted it free of brand names and cultural references so that anyone could read and copy these recipes.

The recipes here are to the most part my own or derived from personal experience. They are creations I have cooked many times and I know they work. There is a mixture of different cultures here. Some Chinese, some Indian, some European and some traditional – like my Grandmother – recipes. If you try them yourself, be sure to come back and post a comment to tell me how they turned out. I really appreciate your feedback.

Use comments and suggestions

You will find a comments box below each recipe. Here you can post your thoughts, experiences and questions. I would also gratefully receive any recipe suggestions you might care to send. I’m always looking for new recipe ideas or ways to improve existing recipes.